I have suspended my site temporarily as I have stopped painting.

I will wait until my 16mm film dieppe mask is finished and if its successful I will feature it .

  my pictures need an explanation ..they are about reverse feelings, when pain I paint pleasure ,when romantic I paint abuse…...too many people are preoccupied with perfection and prettiness when chaos or violence is the natural state of the human existence , the art is irrelevant most of the time, mostly copyists and colourists , very few thoughts, just a small space in time for anyone , although we believe it is organized ,it's as a pinball machine . we are all falling and rebounding in a rhythmic but predestined pattern ,  my attempt to disorganize feelings is poetic but pointless , I am simply looking at paint moving and looking for memories in the images


colin heavingham


red master


Gouache,  and watercolour

golden trimester


the dummy

Gouache and watercolour with collage






62% fantasy


crater playground   [Golden Meadows Camp]

Watercolour and scrap montage

 the gardener

Pencil and gouache

stone edge in gloom


Inspired by EDNA CLARKE HALL (1879-1979) high cliffs in the gloom




Watercolour and gouche