I have suspended my site temporarily as I have stopped painting.

I will wait until my 16mm film dieppe mask is finished and if its successful I will feature it .

  ..my pictures need an explanation ..they are about reverse feelings, when pain I paint pleasure, when romantic I paint abuse…...too many people are preoccupied with perfection and prettiness when chaos or violence is the natural state of the human existence, the art is irrelevant most of the time, mostly copyists and colourists, very few thoughts, just a small space in time for anyone. although we believe it is organized , it's as a pinball machine ...we are all falling and rebounding in a rhythmic but predestined pattern .  my attempt to disorganize feelings is poetic but pointless , I am simply looking at paint moving and looking for memories in the images


colin heavingham



What you call passion is not spiritual force, but friction between the soul and the outside world.

Hermann Hesse.      The Glass Bead Game








a breath so still

it carries on a gust

encapsulated in a speck its song

whispering it tries to pass as me

as mothers try their luck in mirrors far from home

she wanders with father's memory of oak

in the mists of mind the perched bird  from the gate of sodom

'go home' its broken tongue crowed

‘the weather breaks’

but will became her

blinded by the darkness

she answered

‘no use , I am lost’

corn ear of war

Watercolour and gouache


the bell dome



that bell of humour

ringing within the glass dome

when falling on ears of corn

words become the sounds of hell

mordant and drawn those eyes

listen to them

what they know

swear god or blood in company of men

linen folds with woven filth of body

the veins of channels full, salty and smelling foul

rejoice on wine and spirit downed

then drown on serious frowns in favour

they don't care for us either

they die for nothing

too solemn to laugh

suckle sweet though in your warmth

a distance from those paranoids

touching the inner thoughts haunting

allowing them to drift away

the forbidden lilac tree


sweet violet lovechild

Watercolour and tissue

winter solstice

Watercolour and literary page section

7 magpies



Watercolour on book page

the dune

Watercolour and tissue  collage

a writer and listener

Watercolour on book page  with collage

coroner surveillance

Mixed media on canvas

Exhibition date   Paintings and Drawings

6 march/20th  2017    

 Hastings Arts Forum 36 Marina St Leonards on Sea TN38 0BU    info@hastingsartsforum.co.uk

meeting place with dancing wolf

Mixed media

distant lovers

Watercolour and collage

for the redman

Oil on canvas with photo collage

wall eye

Watercolour and oil crayon on scrap wood


Watercolour and collage

spiritual friend

Watercolour and photo collage

blue blood

Oil paint resin and wax

rat’s tale

Oil paint on paper

north wind on me

Oil on board