I have suspended my site temporarily as I have stopped painting.

I will wait until my 16mm film dieppe mask is finished and if its successful I will feature it .

  ..my pictures need an explanation ..they are about reverse feelings, when pain I paint pleasure ,when romantic I paint abuse…...too many people are preoccupied with perfection and prettiness when chaos or violence is the natural state of the human existence , the art is irrelevant most of the time, mostly copyists and colourists , very few thoughts, just a small space in time for anyone , although we believe it is organized , it's as a pinball machine . ..we are all falling and rebounding in a rhythmic but predestined pattern .  my attempt to disorganize feelings is poetic but pointless , I am simply looking at paint moving and looking for memories in the images


colin heavingham



What you call passion is not spiritual force, but friction between the soul and the outside world.

Hermann Hesse.      The Glass Bead Game




essex boy

Gouache, watercolour and ink

empty cupboard

Watercolour ,charcoal pencil on primed canvas


Watercolour on primed canvas

cold morn

Charcoal pencil

redman with her flowers

Resin wax, watercolour and gouache


Gouache,  pastel and charcoal pencil with photo collage





a breath so still

it carries on a gust

encapsulated in a speck its song

whispering it tries to pass as me

as mothers try their luck in mirrors far from home

she wanders with father's memory of oak

in the mists of mind the perched bird  from the gate of sodom

'go home' its broken tongue crowed

‘the weather breaks’

but will became her

blinded by the darkness

she answered

‘no use , I am lost’


the needy

Watercolour, pencil nd photo collage

clean white shirt and tie puppet hanging

Watercolour , charcoal pencil

envy of the green man


no one will know


dressing the puppet

Watercolour  and oil crayon

from the palace

Watercolour and ink with pencil and charcoal pencil

diamond dog  with angel

Watercolour and gouache with tissue

mirror of nurse removing flowers

Watercolour and ink



suffolk primrose

Gouache on slate with photo collage

ravenous man

Watercolour and oil crayon

white orchids and weeds

Watercolour and gouache


french marionette with flowers

pencil and watercolour with photo collage